Now I def gotta get my shxt together
Because you and I forever
Isn’t included in this chapter of my life



woah look at you, look at you making it through to another day. remember all those times you thought you couldn’t make it, well look at you breathing and shit, you did it, you can do it again.

Needed to read this



Natural hair color ideas and inspiration!

*files under hairstyles she wants*

If only i were bold enough; Sighh.


Beyonce Typographic Design
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Beyonce Typographic Design

Buy this Shirt or Print

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down.

Sam Smith - Latch (Acoustic)

Blue - Beyonce


friendly reminders:

dark skin girls can be mixed
dark skin girls can have type 3 hair
light skin girls aren’t always mixed
light skin girls can have type 4 hair
just because they are dark skin doesn’t mean they are rude, violent, ghetto or ratchet
Just because they are light skin doesn’t mean they’re weak, stuck up, or rude.



This made tear up for real.

And we all know the answer…

shoutouts to those low maintenance best friends. the ones who you don’t speak to for months because both of yall are living life but when you catch up it’s nothing but intense love.





Hey, public service announcement


Telling a pregnant woman she looks huge in person or in a picture is not a compliment. Neither is telling her that her face is getting fat. And oh telling her she looks like she’s about to pop when she’s months away from her due date isn’t cool either. That is all. Continue with your program.

"You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink ; You can show a man how to love you but you can’t make him do it."